Mother’s Day

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that has been established in the US 1908 by Anna Jarvis for families to honor their own mother. It became a national holiday in 1914 and has also been adapted by many other countries around the world, including Canada.

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Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s Day?

In Canada and most countries in the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This means Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday May 12 in 2024, and on Sunday May 11 in 2025. This date comes from the passing of Anna Jarvis’ mother on May 9, 1905 and the connection between the church, Sunday school and Sunday.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

The most popular traditions surrounding Mother’s Day are churchgoing, carnations, card and gifts.

Mother’s Day is a popular day for churchgoing. Although Mother’s Day isn’t a Christian holiday, many Christian mothers would like to go to church with their families and who can say no to their mother on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day

Since Anna Jarvis delivered 500 of them to the first celebration in 1908, carnations have been a representation of Mother’s Day. This flower was chosen because it was the favorite of her mother. It is also customary to wear a carnation on Mother’s Day.

Even though Anna Jarvis thought of cards to be a lazy commercialization and stimulated people to write a personal letter, sending cards is very popular. You can also send a hand written letter instead to make it more personal.

Mother’s Day

It is customary for children to give their mother a well thought of gift at Mother’s Day. This can include breakfast in bed, handmade crafts, and store bought gifts. Are you looking for a perfect gift for your mother? Our gift finder shows you the most popular gifts for your mother. Perfect for some inspiration!

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We wish you a happy Mother’s Day!